ICRC explains why it has not handed letter of Azerbaijani prisoner to family. Regulations only allow the Red Cross to deliver letters that contain strictly family news.
06 August 2012

The International Committee of the Red Cross has explained why it has not handed a letter that it received from an Azerbaijani soldier currently in Armenian captivity to his family. The delegation of the ICRC in Baku has informed the media that the ICRC under its regulations can only transmit letters from prisoners that contain family news "stricto sensu". Since the letter did not meet this criteria the representatives of the ICRC could not deliver it.

The twenty year old Azerbaijani soldier Firuz Farajov was caught by Armenian forces who say that he crossed over into Armenian territory near the town of Tovuz late last month. The ICRC visited Farajov in captivity on 31 July. According to Farajov’s family ICRC representatives in Azerbaijan told them that their son is in a good state and sent them a letter, but they refused to hand over the letter. The prisoner's family raised the issue with the Azerbaijani authorities.

source: with agencies