Modest showing by Caucasus countries at Olympics, but honour satisfied.
10 August 2012

Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia have had a modest showing at the 2012 London Olympics, winning a combined total of eleven medals up to day 14 (9 August). Honour has been satisfied all round since all three countries have had some successes. Indeed many much bigger countries have as yet to win a medal in the competition. Of the 204 Olympic teams, only 70 have so far won medals. Georgia has won one gold, one silver and one bronze; Azerbaijan two silver and three bronze and Armenia one silver and two bronze.

All three countries continue to benefit from a Soviet tradition of putting emphasise on sports and of preparing their teams well ahead of the Games. However economic considerations have meant a limited amount of money for sports in both Armenia and Georgia. Azerbaijan has always taken its Olympic Team very seriously and continues to spend considerable amounts of money for its Olympic effort.

Up to now the United States is leading the medal table followed by China. Surprisingly the UK has shot up the medals table to third place, winning 25 gold medals, more than twice the number for Russia.