Armenia celebrates independence day. President Sargsyan said in a message "No matter how difficult it is, we are ready to continue talks on Karabakh."
21 September 2012

Armenia is today celebrating the 21st anniversary of its independence. In a message to the Armenian people President Serzh Sargsyan reiterated his committment to the Karabakh peace process despite all difficulties. The President said

"Armenia is 21 years old. We have passed through crisis and tortures and did it with honor. We did not lose our human and political image, our orientation, goals and ideas. Despite losses, we achieved serious results during past years -Armenia faced irreversible processes both in the state and public sector.

We managed to establish a democratic institutes in our country, which still require reinforcement. Economy, security and deepening democracy are not just events and good will and efforts of each of us is required for preserving them.

Our number one foreign-policy challenge is Artsakh. No matter how difficult it is, we are ready to continue talks on Karabakh peace process. The fact that the OSCE Minsk Group mediators failed in registering success it is not because of them or the international format, as often claimed by Azerbaijan - the one to be blamed, the one who regularly torpedoes the process and logic of peace talks. The recent attack was the disgusting event, which led to granting a pardon to a murderer. Both Armenia and the world community clearly expressed their position on this regard.

I again congratulate all on the twenty-first anniversary of the Independence of Armenia."

A number of events are being held throughout the country to mark the anniversary.

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photo: President Serzh Sargsyan with Armenian Religious leaders