Baku reacts angrily to Sunday Times report. A Foreign Ministry spokesman said the report was "absurd and unfounded."
03 December 2012
Baku has reacted angrily to a report in the British newspaper The Sunday Times claiming that Azerbaijan's territory was to be made available to Israel for anti-Iranian strikes, and described the report as "absurd and unfounded".

The spokesman for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Elman Abdullayev, was commenting on reports in The Sunday Times that Israel was planning to intercept Iranian missiles with the help of unmanned aircraft based in Azerbaijan.

According to the newspaper, Israeli military plans to use Eytan type drones armed with missiles.

The author of the article cites an Israeli military sources who said that if Iranian troops try to shell Israel with rockets, they could be knocked down the moment of gaining speed. Eytan based in Azerbaijan could become part of the Israel's system of missile defence, the newspaper said.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman however flatly denied the claims. "Azerbaijan's position has been voiced several times. Baku will never allow using its territory against neighbors. Azerbaijan maintains good neighbor relations and will never take such a step. This is our position", Abdullayev said.