Sargsyan elected for second term as President of Armenia
19 February 2013

Armenia's incumbent President Serzh Sargsyan has been elected for a second term in country-wide elections held yesterday. According to the results, released by Armenian Central Electoral Commission, Serzh Sargsyan got 58.64 percent (861,160) of votes, followed by Raffi Hovannisian with 36.75 percent (539,672) of votes. Hrant Bagratyan is in third position with 2.15 percent (31,643) while Paruyr Hayrikyan polled 1.23% (18,093).

Andreas Ghukasyan (0.57%), Vardan Sedrakyan (0.42%), and Arman Melikyan (0.24%), on the other hand, garnered less than one percent of the votes.

This morning Sargsyan visited his campaign headquarters and in a short speech thanked his voters, his campaign staff, and the entire Armenian nation. The President said:

"This election came to prove yet again that our nation is able to unite and make the right decisions at the most accountable times. This election was a selection of a road, and the people of Armenia selected the road to a secure Armenia.

I thank our team. I thank all those who were able to acknowledge the importance of the moment and to conduct a good election.

I thank my opponents, who were able to make changes in Armenia's politics, and it was an honor for me to compete with them.

I thank all journalists, who spared no effort and energy to cover the election campaign of all candidates.

I thank our law enforcement, police officers, [and] security personnel, who were able to ensure the right and opportunity for the freedom of expression of all candidates.

I believe we together were able to prove to everyone that we are capable of implementing, with our own efforts, serious changes in our country, and this gives a great hope that these changes will yield their results in a foreseeable future.

We will continue with our work tomorrow because nothing ends with elections. On the contrary, the hard work begins. I am proud and have a hope that all those who did not vote for me will understand the majority decision, and we will start to jointly develop Armenia. And glory to our nation!"

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Photo: Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan with senior officials at his campaign headquarters in Yerevan this morning.