Ramiz Mehtiyev in Tehran. High-powered Azerbaijani envoy in discussion with Iranian President and other officials as relations between the two countries deteriorate.
30 April 2013

The Head of the Presidential Administration in Azerbaijan, Ramiz Mehtiyev, has met in Tehran with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinajad. Mehtiyev, who also acts as the Secretary of the National Securtiy Council of Azerbaijan, delivered a message from President Aliev to the Iranian leadership

The news website of the Presidential Office quoted President Ahmadinejad as saying  at the meeting with Mehtiyev that Iranian-Azerbaijani relations are deep-rooted and attempts to create problems between the two countries, orchestrated by western intelligence agencies, will fail.  According to a report of the Iranian news agency IRNA "Ahmadinejad noted that the brotherly Tehran-Baku relations have enemies who do not like to see the two countries and the two nations standing side by side of each other." political editor said in a comment, "Despite the expressions of brotherly love the visit of a high powered envoy from Baku is connected with a recent deterioration in relations between Azerbaijan and Iran, both of whom have recently accused each other of interfering in their internal affairs. Ramiz Mehtiyev is the second most important official within the Azerbaijani hierarchy and he does not  often travel on such missions. The two sides are trying to maintain a public posture of solidarity despite the differences between them".


photo: Ramiz Mehtiyev meeting with Iranian President Ahmedinajad in Tehran on Monday, 29 April 2013.