Aliev lashes out at opposition as he accepts nomination for third term.
08 June 2013

President Ilham Aliev was on Friday nominated as the candidate of the ruling Yeni Azerbaijan Party (YAP) in next October's Presidential election in Azerbaijan during the 5th congress of the Party held in Baku..


In his acceptance speech President Aliev praised the Party's achievements over the last two decades and hit hard at opposition forces, claiming that they were ready to make unaccpetable concessions to Armenia in their quest to achieve power. With reference to the opposition forces Aliev said:


"They are anti-national forces. They are anti-national, treacherous, corrupt factions that were once in power, and that even today live with the dream of power without any reason. They see their work in completely different direction.


Their political activity - if it can be called political activity - is in completely different direction. Their method of political struggle is not a word, not an opinion, but "Molotov cocktail." They rely on not people and its will, but grants and money issued from abroad. A freedom of speech for them means to write denunciations, to blemish Azerbaijan and promote fabrications and slander in international organizations.


"Of course, such groups don't have and can't have a place in a political life of Azerbaijan. The history of the last 20 years confirms that the forces which don't care about future and independence of Azerbaijan can't have a place in political scene of Azerbaijan. We have built an independent state. The great leader built an independent state at a cost of his life. We defend and protect this independence.Independence is greatest asset, the most valuable thing for us. Independence is not only a presence of attributes of the state. Independence means to pursue an independent policy, to protect national interests, which are paramount. Today, Azerbaijan is an independent state from both an economic and a political view point in the true sense of the word. We need to strengthen this independence.


Once again I want to say that we have established equal relationship with all partners. We only accept such a relationship. It can't be otherwise. And those who try to compete with us act in line with the instructions from abroad. The most important for them are funds sent from abroad and instructions from there. They are ready to make any concessions only to come to power. We know that. We know what's going on, what processes are going on in Azerbaijan. In order to come to power, they are even ready to make big concessions in the most important issue for us - Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh. And they do not hide it. They promise that if they receive much support, they are ready to give Karabakh to Armenians."


Aliev also re-affirmed the determination of the Azerbaijani leadership to secure the liberation of Azerbaijani territory that is currently under Armenia's control."


The President said: 


Our position is principled. I have stated this on numerous times. The Azerbaijani people and Yeni Azerbaijan Party unanimously support this position. The territorial integrity of Azerbaijan is not and will not be a subject of talks. Nagorno-Karabakh is a native Azerbaijani land. This is true today and it will so in future. Azerbaijan will restore its sovereignty and territorial integrity at any cost. This conflict can only solved under international law and four UN Security Council resolutions. No any other option is considered here. No other option is acceptable.


I believe and I am sure that we will solve this matter. Our growing internal and external force, growing military capabilities and economic development will determine our victory.


Armenia, one can say, is in complete fiasco. The corrupt dictatorial regime that seized power in Armenia leads the country into the abyss. People leave the country in great numbers. About 100,000 citizens leave the country permanently every year. First of all, this is because they have no hope, the economy is, it can be said, in a paralyzed state. On the other hand, bloodthirsty, rapacious criminal gangster regime ruling the country commits violence against the people. All elections in Armenia are rigged and political struggle there leads to bloody tragedies. This is a terrorist country controlled in a terrorist, gangster way. The longer the current criminal regime stays in power in Armenia, the sooner will Armenia suffer a complete fiasco.


I am absolutely convinced that this is why we will restore our territorial integrity. Our growing strength dictates that on the other hand. This simply requires time and strong policies. A policy which doesn't make concessions, which is uncompromising, based on national interests, which today can ensure our power. Only our government can withstand all the pressures, threats and provocations.


This conflict lies at the heart of the campaign being waged against us in many cases: weaken and blemish Azerbaijan, harm its image and snatch concessions from us in the Karabakh issue. It will not work as our cause is just, and the people support our policy."


In his speech Ilham Aliev also reaffirmed his committment to democratic reforms. he said


"In relation to the internal policy, I should say that we will further develop democracy in Azerbaijan. We have freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly. We have free internet in Azerbaijan. No restrictions are made. To develop democracy is our major goal. Today, Azerbaijan is not inferior to anyone for the development of democracy. And in some cases the current democratic situation that we have should be an example for other countries."


During the Congress the delegates re-elected Ilham Aliev as Chairman of the Party. The Congress also elected four Vice Chairmen. The President's wife, Mehraban Alieva was elected one of the four Vice Chairmen of the Party. Observers think this may herald a modernisation of the Party apparatus since Mrs Alieva is known to have spearheaded a number of changes in other sectors where she is involved.Overall however the Congress did not throw any surprises.


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photo: Ilham Aliev addressing the 5th Congress of the Yeni Azerbaijan Party (YAP) in Baku on 7 June 2013. (Picture courtesy of the press Service of the President of Azerbaijan.