Armenia arrests servicewomen on charges of spying for Azerbaijan. Security Ministry says she was recruited on facebook.
25 June 2013

According to a report by the Armenian news agency MEDIAMAX, the National Security Service of Armenia has released information that they had arrested a military servicewoman of N military unit of the Armenian Defense Ministry, 31-years-old Mane Movsisyan from the town of Kapan, on suspicioun of spying for Azerbaijan.

Mediamax reports that the Armenian National Security Service "obtained undeniable facts which evidence that from January 2012 till the military service, Mane Movsisyan got acquainted with people having the profiles of Dr. Seryan Dervisyan and Tigran Dervisyan on Odnoklassniki and Facebook social networks, who it later transpired, worked for Azerbaijani special services in Turkey, and their correspondence continued after Mane Movsisyan started serving in the Defense Ministry of Armenia."

According to the information released by the Ministry, Mane Movsisyan gave the Azerbaijani handler information of a military character and of state and professional secrecy during the time she was performing her military service.

The National Security Ministry further stated that "two more people were arrested by the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR) National Security Service in connection to a similar crime and one of them is a military serviceman of NK Defense Army. The latter were also recruited by the same person working in the Azerbaijan special services from the same profiles. A court trial against them is currently initiated in the NK court"

source: with Mediamax