Georgia marks anniversary of war with Russia. MFA statement reiterates its goal is to resolve the existing conflict with Russia in a peaceful manner.
07 August 2013

Georgia is marking the 5th anniversary of its war with Russia.

A statement by the Georgian Foreign Ministry said that

"Despite Russia's aggression in August 2008 and its persisting destructive policy directed against Georgia's independence and statehood, the Government of Georgia seeks a gradual normalization of relations with the Russian Federation, based on the principle of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia within its internationally recognized borders. In an effort to create conditions conducive to the de-escalation of tensions with Moscow, Georgia has undertaken a number of concrete, substantial initiatives: - Tbilisi undertook an unilateral legally binding pledge not to use force to solve the conflict, - removed barriers for Russia's membership in WTO, - unilaterally abolished the visa requirements for citizens of the Russian Federation, - refused to boycott the Sochi Olympic Games 2014, - stated readiness for cooperation to ensure security of the Sochi Olympics, - nominated a Special Representative on the Relations with the Russian Federation, reaffirming the political will and readiness to resume trade, economic, humanitarian and cultural relations with Russia."

The statement says that

"Georgia strives to restore confidence and trust between the people divided by the war, re-engage them in common endeavors and restore day-to-day relations. By extending the hand of reconciliation to Abkhaz and Ossetian compatriots, the goal is to offer them opportunities for economic and social development and enable the communities divided by the occupation line to set aside past disagreements and build the shared future."

The statement also thanked Georgia's partners "who did not leave the country alone either during the August 2008 war, or afterwards, in the face of the existential challenge to its security and stability."  

The full statement is available in english here

source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia