Rohani on charm offensive in New York.
25 September 2013

The new Iranian President, Hassan Rohani, currently in New York to attend the annual meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations, has used the opportunity to reach out to western leaders and nations with a clear message that Iran wants to end decades of internatiobnal isolation and be a constructive partner in the international community and that Iran poses no threat to the world. Rohani however made it clear that Iran expected to be treated as an equal.

Speaking to CNN Correspondent Christian Amanpour, Rohani said in English "I want to say to the American people, I bring peace and friendship from Iranians to Americans."

Earlier, Rohani met in New York with French President, Francios Hollande - the first meeting between an Iranian President and a major Western leader in decades. 

Both President Rohani, and US President Barak Obama, made positive statements when they addressed the UN General Assembly meeting within hours of each other on Tuesday. However a meeting between the two presidents did not take place. The Iranian side said that there had been no time to prepare for it properly. Both Presidents have to contend with hawks within their political elites who do not support rapproachment. The momentum of a US-Iranian reconciliation will depend on progress in discussions between Iran and the international community on the nuclear issue. Rohani has reiterated that Iran does not seek to have nuclear weapons, but President Obama has insisted that any such committments need to be verifiable.

source: with agencies.