Armenian and Azerbaijani civilians caught in cross-fire in incidents around the Tovuz sector of the line of contact in which civilians were injured.
24 January 2014

Both Armenia and Azerbaijan report that civilians have been caught in the cross-fire as the situation on the line of contact separating their forvces escalates.

The spokesperson for the Armenian Ministry of Defence told that a 16 year old girl was hit in the leg by a bullet in an incident last night in Aygepar village in the Tovuz sector of the line of contact. The girl was hospitalised and the bullet was removed and the girl is fine, the source said.

Earlier the Azerbaijani military reported that a mother was injured in her house in the village of Alibeyli village in the Tovuz sector of the line of contact. The Azerbaijani side says that Armenian forces used tracer bullets and incendiary bullets in the attack which set the house on fire. The sources said that the Armenian side had been shooting at the village every evening over the last days.

source: with agencies.

photo: The Tovuz Region of Azerbaijan (archive picture)