Too late for Eshgin Guliyev. Within hours of the departure of Minsk Group diplomats from region the Karabakh conflict claims another young life.
07 February 2014

The Karabakh conflict has claimed the life of another young man. Eshgin Guliyev, a soldier with the Azerbaijani Army was killed by sniper fire earlier today according to Azerbaijani military sources.

The efforts of the diplomats of the OSCE Minsk Process who have been trying to mediate a solution for the conflict now come too late for Eshgin Guliyev, and for all the other mainly young Armenians and Azerbaijanis that have been killed in recent weeks in continuous cease fire violations. The incident happened as the Minsk Group diplomats left the region after  their visit this week to both Armenia and Azerbaijan. A statement issued by them yesterday confidently stated that during the meetings that they held in Baku and Yerevan "The sides stated their intention to strengthen observance of the ceasefire and avoid further escalation, particularly in light of the upcoming Olympic Games in Sochi". 

No doubt the conflict will continue to claim other lives on both sides, even as the negotiations continue. The Minsk Group statement yesterday said that the Co-Chair of the process will continue consultations with the sides in the weeks ahead, in preparation for high level meetings.

Meanwhile another family grieves for the death of its son.

source: with agencies

Photo: Eshgin Guliyev who died on 7 February 2013 on the line of contact separating Armenian and Azerbaijani forces. Picture courtesy of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defence and APA