More incidents between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Armenia says it repulsed an Azerbaijani incursion on Sunday afternoon.
12 January 2015

There are reports of more incidents on the line of contact separating Armenian and Azerbaijani forces, this time on the international border. Armenian sources reported that on Sunday, 11 January at about 17.30 hours they foiled an attempted incursion by Azerbaijani forces in a village in the Tavush District. Tavush region is in the north-eastern part of Armenia. It includes Ijevan, Dilijan, Noyemberyan and Berd subregions. In the South-East and South the region borders with Gegharqunik and Kotayk regions, in the West it borders with Lori region and Georgia, and in the North and East with Azerbaijan.

Armenpress news Agency citing sources at the Armenian Ministry of Defence said that a shepherd from the village of Voskevan was killed in the cross fire. The sources said that Azerbaijan suffered casualties, including one person whose body remained in the no man land between the two sides. It did not mention any Armenian casualties. There has so far been no report of the incident from the Azerbaijani side. This is the third serious incident since the start of the new year and reflects an increased tension on the line of contact.

Addressing the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan on Saturday, President Ilham Aliev said that Armenia in 2014 had only pretended to be engaged in the peace negotiations but in fact avoided any steps that could lead to peace. He accused unnamed global forces of not doing their best to resolve the conflict and thus being also to blame for any lack of progress, citing a pattern that he said could be seen in other situations in Europe and the Middle East.

source: with Armenpress and other agencies.

photo: An Armenian church in the Tavush District of North East Armenia (archive picture).