Armenia and Azerbaijan report serious incident on line of contact.
21 April 2015

Both Armenia and Azerbaijan are reporting a serious incident earlier this morning on the line of contact separating their forces. The incident is supposed to have happened close to the Terter District and involved Azerbaijani soldiers and Armenian soldiers of the self-proclaimed Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

Armenian reports say that the incident happened around 5.00 am on Tuesday (21 April) and involved "hand to hand combat". The Armenian reports say that the Azerbaijani incursion was repelled and that the withdrawing soldiers left behind ammunition and supplies as they retreated. The reports included pictures of some of the items allegedly left behind. The Armenian side said that at least one Azerbaijani soldier was killed.

On its part Azerbaijan is also confirming that an incident took place claiming that there was a short gunfight during which five Armenian soldiers were killed and ten wounded. Azerbaijan denies that it has suffered any casualties. is not in a position to confirm any of the details of the incident.

source: with agencies

photo: A combat situation in the Karabakh conflict zone (archive picture).