Queen marks Gallipoli centenary in London
25 April 2015

Queen Elizabeth led political leaders and representatives of many countries in ceremonies in London to mark the 100 anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign.At the Cenotaph, the Queen joined crowds paying tribute to the 131,000 troops who died during the Gallipoli campaign - including some 25,000 British military personnel and 10,000 from Australia and New Zealand.

Descendants of veterans and representatives from countries involved in the operation attended the ceremony.

And the principal party leaders - breaking off from the general election campaign - were also in attendance.

Near the Cenotaph, artist Nadir Imamoglu, who was born in Turkey but has lived in the UK for 40 years, has set up a sculpture based on a larger one he has created at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire. It is made of young oak trees to reflect the ages of the men fighting at Gallipoli - the bare branches reaching into the sky. The sculptor explains this represents the arms of those injured in battle reaching out for help.

source: with BBC

photo: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth laying a wreath at the Cenota[ph in Whitehall to maek the 100 anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign.