AK Party in massive show of strength ahead of Turkish elections
17 May 2015

With less than one month to go before key parliamentary elections in Turkey, the ruling AK Party on Sunday, 17 May. mobilised hundreds of thousands of supporters in Istanbul\'s Maltepe district in a show of strength in Turkey\'s largest city, which also has within it 16% of the total electorate. The rally was addressed by Prime Minister Ahmit Davitoglu.

The pro government Daily Sabah said that intense preparations were underway for the Istanbul rally over the last few days. Five-thousand buses and some boats were organised to ease the transportation to the location by the AK Party administration. Wide security measures were also taken before the rally and thousands of water bottles were placed within the area of the rally for the participants, and tents were set up with health teams on site and necessary equipment in case a participant faced a health problem during the rally. 

The AK party wants not only to win the forthcoming elections, but to do so with enough seats that it may be able to change the constitution. The Party supports strengthening the position of President of the Republic, a post that is currently held by the Party\'s charismatic former leader, Recip Tayip Erdogan.

source: with Daily Sabah.

photo: AK Party Rally in Istanbul on Sunday, 17 May 2015.