Azerbaijani Defence Minister inspects front-line amid cease fire violations
06 August 2015

Azerbaijani Defense Minister, Colonel-General Zakir Hasanov on Thursday (6 August) inspected troops on the front-line in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone and checked combat readiness of military units and formation.

Both Armenia and Azerbaijan continue to claim daily violations of the ceasefire on the line of contact, but no casualties have been reported this week. Thousands of Azerbaijani and Armenian troops face each other from trenches and other fortifications along the line of contact established when the cease fire came into affect in 1994. Troops of the two sides also face each other across the international border outside the conflict zone itself. There are regular reports of attempted incursions by one or the other sides, but overall no side has been able to capture any new territory.


photo: Azerbaijani Defence Minister Colonel-General Hasanov observing movements on the line of contact separating Armenian and Azerbaijani forces in the Nagrono-Karabakh conflict zone on 6 August 2015. (Picture courtesy of the Azerbaijani MOD Press Service).