Russian Navy ends friendly visit to Baku Port
17 August 2015

A squadron of the Caspian Flotilla of the Russian Navy has just ended a friendly visit to the port of Baku, according to the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan.  The squadron consisted of the small artillery ships 'Makhachkala' and 'Volgodonsk', and the hydrographic ship 'Anatoly Guzhvin'.

The small artillery ships 'Makhachkala' and 'Volgodonsk' are designed for close combat at sea and river sections.  

Representatives of Azerbaijani and Russian Navies met the Russian warships when they anchored at the Port.

Co-operation between the naval forces of Russia and Azerbaijan has intensified recently. 

source: with agencies

photo: A Russian artillery ship anchored at Baku Port during a friendly visit (picture courtesy of 1