Azerbaijan mobilises entire armed forces for "large-scale exercises".
06 September 2015

Azerbaijan has mobilised sixty five thousand troops, practically its entire armed forces which are believed to be under seventy thousand strong, together with six thousand reserves, in wide scale military exercises which started today (Sunday 6 September) and are to last one week. They include personnel in the army, airforce and navy, as well as special forces.

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defence said that 700 tanks and military vehicles, more than 500 rockets and artillery pieces, some 40 airplanes and 50 helicopters of the air forces, some 20 naval vessels and cutters, as well as air defense and anti-aircraft divisions, equipped with modern air defense complexes are involved. It is also reported that drones will be used to carry out aerial reconnaissance. The Ministry said that the exercises are meant to test the operational readiness of the armed forces.


photo: Azerbaijani Special Forces at a recent military parade in Baku (archive picture).