Azerbaijan announces core defence budget of 1.837 billion manats for 2016
14 September 2015

Azerbaijan today announced the budget for its core military spending for 2016. The budget estimates an expenditure of 1.837 billion manats, a small increase on the budget for 2015 which was set at 1.778 billion manats. Expenditure under this budget line usually include most of the domestic expenditure.

It is not yet clear however what the budget for the "Special Defence projects" will be for 2016. This budget is usually the one funding the purchase of armaments from overseas sellers. Here the purchases are usually done in US dollars. Azerbaijan recently saw a sharp devaluation of its currency and this is likely to have an impact on arms puchases in 2016.


photo: T90 tanks of the Azerbaijani army on parade in Baku (archive picture).