Putin hails South Ossetia on "Independence day"
20 September 2015

Russian President Vladimir Putin has hailed the South Ossetian leadership on the occasion of the "independence day" in the self-declared republic that seceded from Georgia in 1992.

In a telegram to the leader of the self-declared Republic of South Ossetia, President Leonid Tibilov on Sunday on the occasion of the day marked in the territory as "independence day" Putin said that the holiday symbolises the resistance and heroism of the South Ossetian people, and their struggle for independence declared a quarter of century ago, and their quest for their legal right to free and peaceful life.

The Russian News Agency TASS, quoting the Kremlin Press Service said that Vladimir Putin spoke favourably about the active development of the alliance between Russia and South Ossetia on the basis of mutual assistance and good neighbourhood, which have united the two peoples for many centuries.

"The Russian president confirmed Russia is ready to offer further assistance to South Ossetia in settlement of the social and economic issues and in providing the national security," the press service said.

source: with TASS

Photo: The Government building in Tskhinvali, the administrative capital of South Ossetia.