Russia Calling!
13 October 2015

Russian President Vladimir Putin has inaugurated the 7th Annual Investment Forum of VTB Capital "Russia Calling!" It is being held in Moscow on October 13-14. It was first held in 2009.

The participants in the meeting are discussing the priorities of Russia's economic development, promotion of regional growth and the main trends in the markets of debt and equity capital, along with other issues in the field of investment and business.

Vladimir Putin expressed his support for the initiative and said that Russia will respond and adjust its strategy according to changes in the global economy.

The Russian economy has been suffering from a number of structural weakness, and more recently has taken a hit as a result of international sanctions following its annexation of Crimea.

Source: with agencies.

Photo: President Vladimi Putin at the 7th Annual Investment Forum in Moscow on 13 October 2015. (Picture courtesy of Itar-Tass News Agency).