More shots fired overnight in Karabakh, reports of one civilian killed
28 April 2016

Armenian and Azerbaijani forces yet again traded fire overnight on Wednesday along the Nagorno-Karabakh "line of contact", with one Azerbaijani killed according to local media.

The continued violence comes just three weeks after the worst fighting in two decades, which began on April 2. A verbal agreement on ceasing hostilities was brokered by Russia on April 5, but since then each side has been accusing the other of multiple violations on a daily basis.

Famil Mustafayev of Chemenli village in the Aghdam district of Azerbaijan was killed overnight by Armenian sheling according to the news agency. In addition, eight people in Chemenli are injured, including two – Ali Huseynov and Zahid Rahimov – who are in critical condition.

However the Armenian defence ministry accused the Azerbaijani side of breaching the “relative tranquility” on Wednesday, by shelling Armenian positions near Martakert from 17.40.

“On April 27 and throughout the morning of April 28, 23 ceasefire violations were recorded in the northeastern part of Armenia-Azerbaijan state border. The Azerbaijani side fired irregular shots from various caliber weapons at Armenian positions,” the Armenian defence ministry said in a statement.

Both sides have accused the other of using heavy weaponry, including mortars, rocket launchers and howitzers, and both sides admit to undertaking military “countermeasures” in response to the other targetting civilians.

SOURCE: and agencies

PICTURE: a D-30 howitzer