Monday night: Armenia and Azerbaijan trade fire over Karabakh
03 May 2016

Fighting has continued overnight along the Line of Contact in Nagorno-Karabakh, though neither Armenia nor Azerbaijan is claiming any new casualties.

On April 2, the worst fighting since 1994 broke out between the two countries, with dozens killed including many civilians.

On Monday night, Armenian armed forces violated the ceasefire 116 times using heavy caliber weapons according to Azerbaijan’s armed forces, which admitted to firing on Armenian positions a similar number of times.

However Armenia claims it was Azerbaijan that broke the ceasefire overnight, while its own armed forces exercised “restraint and conducted response actions only in case of strict necessity”.

Since the beginning of April, there have been similar claims every day, as well as often reports of dead soldiers or civilians. Each side typically admits it has been using heavy weaponry, but only in response.

On April 5 a verbal agreement, brokered by Russia, was reached to stop the hostilities, but there have been many reports of violations by both sides since then.

SOURCE: and agencies