Fighting overnight in Karabakh, Azerbaijani soldier killed
04 May 2016

Armenia and Azerbaijan traded fire across the Line of Contact yet again on Tuesday evening, with one Azerbaijani soldier killed.

Fighting over Nagorno-Karabakh has continued despite a verbal agreement on the cessation of hostilities, brokered by Russia, which was agreed on April 5.

On April 2 the worst bout of fighting since 1994 broke out, with dozens of soldiers and civilians killed on both sides.

Amrah Aydin oglu Yuzbeyov, a 19 year old private, was killed on the night of May 3 according to Azerbaijan’s armed forces. An Armenian source said the dead soldier is most likely an ethnic Lezgin.

As has been typical in the weeks following the intense fighting one month ago, both sides are accusing the other of breaching the ceasefire agreement.

“The situation in the line of contact overnight May 3-4 was tense. Azerbaijan forces violated the ceasefire agreement by firing different caliber weapons and mortars,” the defence ministry of the self-declatred Nagorno-Karbakh Republic said in a statement.

Similarly, the Azerbaijani defence ministry said on Wednesday morning that Armenia violated the ceasefire “120 times in various directions along the contact line …  using 60mm mortars”.

Both sides admit to using heavy weaponry across the Line of Contact., but claim they are only acting in self-defence, and not targeting civilians.

SOURCE: and agencies

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