Friday night fighting in Karbakh
07 May 2016

Azerbaijan and Armenia traded fire across the Line of Contact on Friday night and Saturday morning, though no casualties have been reported at this stage.

There has been sporadic fighting each night since April 5, when four days of fierce violence, killing dozens, came to an end after a Russia-brokered ceasefire. 

In the past 24 hours Armenia breached a ceasefire agreement 122 times, said the Azerbaijan defence ministry, which said it fired 123 shots in retaliation.

Over the past couple of days, Azerbaijan’s military vehicles have been “relocated via predetermined routes for the purpose of raising troops’ morale” according to the news agency.

While Azerbaijan said it was Armenia which broke the verbal ceasefire agreement, Armenia is saying the opposite. Similar accusations have been taking place each night in the past month.

“Azerbaijan continued violating the ceasefire agreement, and fired various caliber weapons and 82mm mortars. The Defence Army forces exercised restraint and conducted response actions only in case of strict necessity,” the military of the self-declared Nagorno-Karbakh Republic said in a statememt.

The fighting at the beginning of last month was the worst for two decades.

SOURCE: and agencies

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