Binali Yildirim set to become new Turkish prime minister
19 May 2016

Turkey's ruling AK Party has named nominated Binali Yildirim to be its new leader and the country's next prime minister. The news comes a fortnight after Ahmet Davutoğlu resigned from the position after disagreements with president Recep Erdogan.

Yildirim, currently transport minister, is widely seen as a close ally of Erdogan. In a speech on Thursday he said he would work in "total harmony" with Erdogan and other sections of the AK Party.

The president is currently attempting to move Turkey to a more presidential system of governance, increasing his own powers. Davutoğlu objected to elements of this, and thus could not continue as prime minister, local media reported.

Yildirim's appointment will be confirmed at a party congress on Sunday. 

SOURCE: and agencies

PHOTO: Binali Yildirim