US co-chair says "Nagorno-Karabakh meeting" will take place late June
10 June 2016

A high level meeting on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict will take place in late June, one of the OSCE Minsk Group’s co-chairs confirmed on Friday.

Although all the details have not been confirmed yet, the meeting will definitely take place before the end of the month, American co-chair James Warlick told Trend news agency. The Minsk Group is co-chaired by the United States, France and Russia. The report does not state if the meeting will be with the participation of the Presidents of the two countries.

The presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia met in Vienna on May 16, and a follow-up meeting was expected.

Neither the date nor the location of the meeting has been confirmed. However, the Russian foreign affairs ministry released a statement on Thursday, following a meeting of French and Russian diplomats, saying the Nagorno-Karabakh summit would take place in St Petersburg this month. 

However a few hours after the meeting, which took place in Moscow, the section of the statement which mentioned the St Petersburg summit on Nagorno-Karabakh was redacted.

SOURCE: Trend News and other agencies

PHOTO: US Minsk Group co-chair James Warlick