Azerbaijan army carries out live-fire drills
22 June 2016

The Azerbaijani army carried out live-fire military drills on Wednesday, as part of large scale operational exercises happening all week.

The drill is being carried out under the command of the defence minister, Colonel General Zakir Hasanov, who is holding meetings with the relevant officials and giving instructions. Wednesday’s exercise is part of a larger campaign involving high levels of soldiers and equipment.

The exercises will involve about 25,000 servicemen, more than 300 tanks and armored combat vehicles, more than 100 rocket artillery launchers, up to 40 military aircraft and more than 30 air defense systems, ships of naval forces and special forces units," the defence ministry’s press service said. 

In May, Azerbaijan announced plans to hold joint military exercises with Georgia and Turkey. Combat readiness has been stepped up since early April, when dozens of people on boths side of the Line of Contact, both civilians and soldiers, were killed during four days of fierce fighting.

The exercises began on June 19 and will continue until June 24.

SOURCE: and agencies

PHOTO: Azerbaijani soldiers