EU rejects use of force to achieve political change in Armenia
21 July 2016

The European Union Delegation to Armenia has issued a statement regarding the developments of the last days around the police station in Erebuni district in the Armenian capital Yerevan.

In its statement the EU Delegation stressed that the use of force to achieve political change is unacceptable and offered its condolences to the family of Colonel Artur Vanoyan, Deputy Commander of the Patrol Regiment of the Yerevan Police Department who was killed on Sunday. "We wish all persons injured in connection with the hostage situation at the police station in Erebuni swift and full recovery", the statement said.

In its statement the EU noted with concern reports on excessive use of force and mass arrests by the police. "In that regard, we call on the authorities to observe the principle of proportionality in handling public manifestations, which applies to both peaceful and violent gatherings. Likewise, demonstrators need to refrain from violence in the exercise of their civil rights", the statement said

The European Union called for a full investigation of all cases of alleged wrongdoing by the police, including mistreatment, and denial of access to lawyers and medical care.


photo: Police vehicles on the move in the vicinity of a police station in Erebuni which has been at the centre of a hostage situation since last Sunday (picture courtesy of