Senior Azerbaijani MP speaks about purpose of constitutional amendments
24 August 2016

The Chairman of the Legal Affairs and State-building committee of the Azerbaijani parliament, Ali Husseynli has spoken about the purpose of the constitutional changes that are being proposed and on which a national referendum will be held on 26 September. Husseynli said that the additions and changes to the constitution are designed to provide a more flexible management, both in the executive and in all other government structures in the modern period: "At the current stage of our development, the amendments and additions to the constitution will play a new and fundamental role in Azerbaijan's future development", the senior MP was quoted as saying by the news agency APA.

Husseynli told the agency that in Azerbaijan it was the president and the presidential administration that were spearheading the process of reforms in the country, and that in comparison, the Cabinet of Ministers moved slowly. it was therefore natural that the Presidency should be strengthened with the creation of the posts of vice presidents.

Husseynli also referred to the lowering of the age of eligibility for the electiuon to the presidency and to parliament and said that this was a progressive reform which built on previous constitutional changes.

source: with APA

photo: Ali Husseynli, Chairman of the lLegal Affairs and State-biuilding Committee of the Parliament of Azerbaijan (archive picture).