Karen Karapetyan to be the new Armenian prime minister
09 September 2016

Karen Karapetyan is to be the new prime minister of Armenia. This was announced a meeting of the ruling republican Party in the capital Yerevan on Thursday. Karapetyan's nomination came after the resignation of the current prime minister Hovik Abrahamyan.

Karapetyan is the former Mayor of Yerevan and current Chairman of the Armenian affialiate of Gazprom. political editor said in a comment that" the resignation of Abrahamyan was not completely unexpected. In the aftermath of the crisis around the hostage taking situation in Erebuni in the summer, and expressions of public discontent that followed it was clear that the Armenian government had to move to respond to public concerns about the state of the country. In the immediate after,math of Erebuni the President had promised more consensus in politics. The new prime minister is likely to try to form a government that includes a wider spectrum of opinion. But more crucially the change ios seen as an attempt to re-energise the Armenian economy and stop a period of decline."


photo Karen Karapetyan (archive picture)