International community condemns violence during Georgian election campaign
05 October 2016

The United States and the European Union have led condemnation of acts of violence during the current campaign ahead of elections in Georgia on 8 October.

In a statement the United States Embassy in Georgia stated

The U.S. Embassy condemns acts of violence meant to harm Georgian citizens and the democratic process in Georgia.  Together with the international community, we have called on all parties to refrain from violence and respect the rule of law.  Political violence has no place in a democratic society, and a calm and peaceful pre-electoral environment is critical to ensuring that the parliamentary elections on October 8 reflect the will of the Georgian people.

In a statement, Ambassador Janos Herman, Head of the European Union Delegation to Georgia stated:

''We condemn any form of violence and call on all parties and all participants of the campaign to keep calm. It is very important to respect the principles which are recognised by the European Union. We would like to see the election campaign compatible with the democratic principles and respecting the will of the Georgian people. I hope that during the next few days before the first round of the election calm will be maintained. We will closely follow the developments and will be looking forward for the views of the international observers which will be published after the elections. EU representatives are also part of the international observation mission"

The statements echoed comments made by the President of Georgia, Giorgi Marghvelashvili who earlier visited victims who were injured when a car belonging to an opposition MP blew up in central Tbilisi on Tuesday night injuring a number of passers by. The MP and his driver were unharmedAfter visiting the wounded in hospital the President said,

"I want to call on law enforcers - now we are having a situation when the society, stability, future must defeat the crime, which has clearly showed itself in the last few days. In this tense situation you should actively work. You need to double your efforts in order to protect people from criminals who blow up citizens in the city center. I am ready to help you if you need any political support".


photo: EU Ambassador Janos Herman (archive picture)