UNM decides to enter parliament
12 October 2016

Georgia's main opposition party, the United National Movement, decided to enter the new parliament that will be formed as a result of the recently held elections. The party will also participate in the second round of the elections that will be held shortly to choose candidates in the single seat constituencies where run-offs are necessary. 

The decision, taken at a meeting of the Political Council of the party on Tuesday night,  has ended several days of political speculation about the future strategy of the party.

David Bakradze, who headed the Party's proportional election list in the election told journalists "we have decided that despite unequal conditions, ballot rigging and pressure, and although the second rounds will also be conducted under tough conditions, to accept this challenge. The party will participate in the second round and will also enter the Parliament and participate in parliamentary work," Bakradze said. Commenting on reports of a rift in the Party on this issue Bakradze said, "There were differences on this issue, but we proved once again that this party is based on democratic principles, where decisions are made collectively through discussions, and after that all the members of the party follow these decisions".

source: with agencies

photo: David Bakradze