From today Georgians can travel to Europe without visas
28 March 2017

As from this morning (Tuesday, 28 March) Georgian citizens can travel to European Schengen countries without the need of a visa. The move follows a long process requiring Georgia to implement a number of reforms and measures, and a complicated process to secure its approval by European governments. At last however a symbolic barrier dividing Georgia from Europe has been torn down, and many in Georgia are thrilled.

Celebrations have been held in Tbilisi and other Georgian towns, and friendly European governments have sent messages of congratulations. political editor said in a comment that "of all the steps taken over the last two decades to bring Georgia and Europe closer together, this one step is the one that Georgian people will feel most tangibly and directly. Gone are now the long delays and humiliating interviews at Consulates to obtain the Schengen visa. Instead, given that they have the right passport and tickets Georgians can travel freely in Europe for business and pleasure. It is a good day for both Georgia and Europe. Through their political committment, pro European policies, and implementation of difficult reforms the Georgian people have earned this right and deserve to be congratulated."


photo: The twelve stars of the European Union flag temporarily replaced with twelve khingali - a traditional Georgian dish, in a photo that went viral on social media as Georgians celebrated on the day that they could start travelling visa-free to Europe.