Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan calls for reforms in all sectors
31 March 2017

Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan has called for systematic reforms in all sectors."We have a lack of efficiency in all sectors; we need systematic reforms in all sectors" the Prime Minister said during a television programme.

Karapetyan said that the Armenian government had "diagnosed" all the challenges and come to this conclusion.

At the same time, he expressed a view that the economic situation in Armenia was dire, but not unmanageable.

When asked how he sees the economic model of the country, Karapetyan said that it was not a question of models, but of identifying the advantages and building on them.

Karapetyan, however, did not deny that in Armenia business and politics were often mixed together. The Prime Minister said that it was possible to change this situation by creating a level and competitive playing field, and carrying out legal and tax reforms. And to do this, according to Karen Karapetyan, you need to have a bold program and a determined and united team.

source: with agencies