Azerbaijani opposition rallies with calls against corruption and oppression
09 April 2017

Around two thousand opposition supporters rallied in Baku on Saturday (8 April) calling for an end to corruption and for European style democracy.

The rally was organised by the National Council, an opposition umbrella organisation, and was sanctioned by the authorities under tightly controlled rules. Speakers at the meeting included the Chairman of the Popular Front, Ali Kerimli and the president of the National Council Cenib Hassanli.

Prominent at the rally were pictures of a number of political prisoners. Speakers and participants called for the release of prisoners and for an end to what they described as the monarchical system in Azerbaijan.

The rally ended peacefully without incidents.

In a comment after the rally, senior government MP, and deputy Executive Secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party (YAP), Siyavoush Novruzov dismissed the rally as a non event that only managed to gather a few hundred people. He said the organisers of the rally had no clear message and kept repeating outdated ideas.


photo: An opposition rally was held in baku on8 April 2017 (picture courtesy of Meydan TV)