Azerbaijan to hold large scale military exercises starting Sunday
14 April 2017

Azerbaijan is to hold large scale military exercises, with the participation of 30,000 troops, 250 tanks and other military equipment. The exercises will start on Sunday and last for five days.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence, quoted by APA news agency, said that the exercises will involve 30,000 military personnel, more than 250 tanks and armored vehicles, up to 200 missiles and artillery systems of different calibres, multiple launch rocket systems and mortars, 25 combat aircrafts of various purposes, as well as new types of electronic warfare assets and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Various methods of modern combined arms operations will be exercised in difficult terrain conditions throughout the exercises.

The scenario of the exercises will cover the disposition of command and control posts to a theatre of operations, deployment of mobilized resources to designated areas, establishment of strike groups and their application on designated directions, transferring of combat aviation to alternative airfields, as well as movement of rocket and artillery troops into reserve firing and starting positions.

The exercises will last until April 21.

source: with APA

photo: Exercises of the Azerbaijan Armend Forces in 2016 (archive picture)