Baku says foreigners should not go to Karabakh for September conference
14 June 2017

Foreign nationals should "refrain from illegal participation in an international conference which Armenia plans to hold in the occupied Azerbaijani territories", the spokesman of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, Hikmat Hajiyev, told the news agency APA on Tuesday.

Hajiyev said that an international youth conference is planned to be organised in Nagorno-Karabakh from September 14-17.

APA quoted the Foreign Ministry spokesperson as saying that "the real goal of the Armenian side is political provocation, the promotion of the so-called regime in the occupied Azerbaijani territories, and the use of invited persons as a tool for political propaganda".

He noted that "Azerbaijan's Foreign Ministry urges foreign nationals not to succumb to Armenia's lie, not to become a tool for Yerevan's propaganda and refrain from illegal visits to the occupied Azerbaijani territories which imply violation of Azerbaijan's territorial integrity, sovereignty and laws". Hajiyev reminded that illegal visits to the occupied lands entail legal liability.
with APA news agency.