Explosion incident in Abkhazia leaves dozens injured
03 August 2017

Dozens of people have been injured by explosions and ensuing fire at an ammunition depot in Abkhazia. The incident went on for four hours.  RT reported from Sukhumi that among the injured are 35 Russian nationals.

Huge flames and smoke could be seen rising from the ongoing explosions at a military warehouse in the village of Primorskoye.

A spokesperson for the medical authorities in the self-declared republic said that  there were 60 injured, including two children. The majority received light to moderate injuries. Two or three people were seriously hurt, but there is no risk to their lives. He added that the majority of those hurt were holidaymakers taking mud baths at a nearby hot Sulfur spring. They received cuts from shrapnel, glass shards and rocks that the blast wave carried.

source: with agencies

photo: An explosion occured in the village of Primorskoye in Abkhazia on 2 August (picture courtesy of RT)