Tbilisi is "en fête"
07 October 2017

Georgians this weekend are celebrating Tbilisoba - the annual celebration in honour of the Georgian capital Tbilisi.

It is the city's most colourful festival, celebrating its diversity, history and rich culture. The tradition to have the annual celebration started in 1979, and the festival has since been going from strength to strength.

And it is not only the people of the capital who celebrate. Georgians come from all parts and regions of the country to honour their ancient city with superb wine, delicious food, fantastic dances and amazing song.

Georgians like to party, and Tbilisoba is a great excuse for one. In modern, progressive Georgia many foreigners now join the festivities too. Gaumarjos Tbilisi!

source: Tbilisi Bureau

photo: This weekend Georgians from all over the country travel to Tbilisi for the citry's annual festival Tbilisoba (archive picture)