Lavrov speaking on Karabakh in Yerevan: "It won't end quickly"
21 November 2017

The co-Chairmen of the OSCE Minsk Process dealing with the Karabakh conflict "will analyse where we have reached, and will try to put active efforts to create conditions for reaching settlement" stated Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov speaking in Yerevan, where he was visiting for talks with the Armenian leadership.

However Lavrov did not see much hope of progress soon. "I will not express too much optimism, this is a difficult problem, and the experience of our negotiations proves that it won't end quickly", the Russian Foreign Minister said.

In Yerevan, speaking at a press conference together with Armenian Foreign Minister, Eduard Nalbandian on Tuesday (21 November), Lavrov repeated what he said in Baku the day before, namely that proposals for a solution of the Karabakh conflict have been fixed by the co-Chairmen of the Minsk process since 2007, and that they needed to be dealt with together.

The Russian Foreign Minister arrived in Armenia from Baku on Monday evening. Tass news agency reported from Yerevan that speaking about Russian Armenian relations, Armenian Foreign Minister Nalbandian told a joint press conference that Russia and Armenia "have great plans for boosting economic trade, interregional, humanitarian and cultural co-operation", also noting that Moscow and Yerevan have truly multifaceted co-operation and allied relations.

source: with agencies

photo: The Russian and Armenian Foreign Min isters arriving for a press conference in Yerevan on Tuesday, 21 November 2017 (picture courtesy of Armenpress, Yerevan).