South Ossetia: EU says that latest developments are "a source of grave concern"
26 February 2018

"The latest developments in South Ossetia, Georgia, in particular the tragic death of a Georgian citizen, Mr Archil Tatunashvili, and detention of two others, are a source of grave concern". This was stated by the spokesperson of the European External Action Service following the death in South Ossetian custody of a Georgian citizen over the weekend.


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The statement added:

We express our condolences to Mr Tatunashvili's family. The European Union is ready, through its Monitoring Mission (EUMM), to support ongoing investigations and to facilitate discussions through the Incident Prevention and Support Mechanism and the Mission Hotline.

Following the release from custody of the two Georgian citizens detained, we expect the de facto authorities in Tskhinvali to urgently ensure that they are allowed to travel to Tbilisi Administered Territory.

These latest developments underline the need for additional measures to ensure transparency and improve confidence.

The European Union continues to firmly support peace building and conflict resolution in Georgia, including through its co-chairmanship of the Geneva International Discussions and the Monitoring Mission on the ground. We support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia within its internationally recognised borders.

source: with the EEAS press service