Peaceful protestors paralyze Yerevan
02 May 2018

Protestors have blocked all main arteries in the Armenian capital Yerevan, the day after Parliament failed to elect Nikol Pashinyan as prime minister, increasing the political crisis in the country.

Protestors were out on the streets early, blocking the road to the airport, and cutting access to the main government building.

Students at several Yerevan universities are reported to be on strike.

Addressing supporters in Yerevan's main square yesterday evening, Nikol Pashinyan said that retreat was not an option, and that the movement had already won its victory, and that what remained to be done was to bury the ruling Republican Party. which in any case was no longer in control of the country.

source: with agencies

photo: Armenian protestors awaiting the result of Tuesday's vote in the Armenian parliament on Tuesday, 1 May 2018. (picture courtesy of