Kaladze warns of attempts to distabilise Georgia
02 June 2018

Tbilisi Mayor and senior member of the ruling Georgian Dream party, Kakha Kaladze,  on Friday (1 June) warned of attempts "by certain groups" to distabilise Georgia.

"In Georgia, everyone has the right to speak freely, everyone can express their views, but the forces that seek to destabilize the situation and fuel protests, should know that we will not let anyone do that," Kaladze said.

Kaladze stressed that the country's authorities would always act within the law. "We must not allow the people with blood on their hands to use the Saralidze family tragedy to achieve their own goals," Kaladze concluded.

Protests took place in Tbilisi on Thursday and Friday after a controversial court decision connected with the murder of two teenagers in the city last December, an incident which came to be known as the Khorava Street incident.

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photo: Kakha Kaladze (archive picture)