Turkish opposition holds gigantic rally in Izmir
22 June 2018

Political parties in Turkey are making their final pitch for votes, ahead of key presidential and parliamentary elections on Sunday (24 June).

Whilst President Recip Tayip Erdogan and his AK Party maintain a lead in opinion polls, there appears to be a surge for the main presidential challenger Muharrem Ince. On Thursday, 21 June, Ince gathered hundreds of thousands of supporters in the Turkish port city of Izmir for one of the largest shows of force that the opposition CHP party has mounted in years.

In a speech, Ince promised to return national unity back to Turkey by forming a government representing the whole political spectrum, although he gave no details.

Erdogan held his own mega rally on Saturday in Istanbul, with some estimates of the crowd present suggesting that 1.5 million people attended the event, Erdogan has based his campaign on the achievements of his government in the last sixtheen years.

55 million people are eligible to vote on Sunday, and turnout is expected to be high.

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photo: crowds at the rally of the opposition CHP party in Izmir on 21 June, ahead of crucial elections in Turkey on Sunday.