Pashinyan hails the virtue of work
08 January 2019

In many countries people are returning back to work this week after a long Christmas and new year holiday. In Armenia, prime minister Nikol Pashinyan reminded his countrymen that work is the solution to their problems.

In a short facebook post, Pashinyan wrote "Congratulations to all of us on the first working day of the year. There is only one solution to all our problems, and that solution is called work. Long live the work!"

In the short time that he has been prime minister Pashinyan has already got a reputation for being hard working, and for demanding the same from his subordinates. Pashinyan will this week be putting together the final touches to his new government, expected to be formed once parliament reconvenes on Monday (14 January) for its first session after last month's election.


photo: Nikol Pashinyan (archive picture)