Georgian opposition leader outlines plan to connect with the grassroots
18 January 2019

David Bakradze, the leader of the Georgian opposition party "European Georgia" spoke about his party plans to connect with the grassroots after a meeting of the party's political council held in Tbilisi earlier this week.

Bakradze said that the party's immediate task was to be close to the people, listen to their problems and discuss with them how it could help them improve their lives and take the country forward.
"We must be as close to people as possible", Bakradze said.

The leader of "European Georgia" added that soon party leaders will travel throughout Georgia, visiting every district, every city, and every village, to meet people and to hear their problems.

Bakradze was for a long time speaker of the Georgian parliament, and was a candidate in recent presidential elections, where he came third.

source: with agencies

photo: David Bakradze (archive picture)