Process of personnel changes continues in Azerbaijan as Aliyev speaks of rejuvenation
01 November 2019

A process of changes of personnel in the higher and middle echelons of the Azerbaijan's government continues.

On Friday, 1 November, President Ilham Aliyev appointed Samir Nuriyev to be Head of the Presidential Administration. Considered one of the most senior positions in the country the post had been occupied for more than two decades by Ramiz Mehtiyev, who resigned a few days ago. Samir Nuriyev is a relatively unknown person and was until today the Head of the State Committee on Architecture and Urban Planning.

President Aliyev also continues with changes in middle ranking positions of government, appointing new heads of district administrations. Speaking to Anar Tagiyev in connection with the appointment Head of Yevlakh District, and to and Elnur Rzayev as the head Khachmaz regionAliyev said that Azerbaijan is pursuing a policy of rejuvenation. This is natural, generations are changing, people are being put forward with new thinking. This is a natural process and we cannot stay away from it.

Aliyev however also warned against a witch hunt against the older generation and said he would not allow it. 

"Azerbaijan needs to create unity between the experience and dynamism of youth. Through this synthesis, we can achieve great results. In addition, the older generation should share their experience"Aliyev told the newly appointed officials.

source: with agencies