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Commonspace.eu in the age of corona - A message from the editorial team in response to the global pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus

Dear readers and subscribers,

Since it was established in 2011, commonspace.eu has been contributing to the public debate in and about the Caucasus region and the region's relations with Europe, focusing primarily on the need for peace in the region, on the value of co-operation, and on strengthening the relations between the countries of the region and Europe. Those ideas and values will always remain at the core of our work.

However the events of the last few weeks and months have taken humanity to uncharted waters. The coronavirus crisis caused by the spread of the Covid-19 virus is a major global emergency - a pandemic on a size not seen in modern times. Its effect on countries and societies has already been unprecedented, and the pandemic has already caused major disruptions to the way of life of people that no one could have anticipated only a few weeks ago. This disruption is likely to increase in the coming days, weeks and months. It is now almost a certainty that the current medical crisis will soon expand into an economic crisis, and that in turn will have deep-rooted social and political consequences.

In the present circumstances therefore, commonspace.eu will focus on the crisis by providing factual information enabling our readers and subscribers to get a better understanding of what is going on, not only in their own countries but more widely. We will focus on the medical, economic and political aspects of the crisis, and the response of individual states and the international community.

Commonspace.eu will remain loyal to its ethos as a public service. We will have messages that will help educate and inform the general public; we will give a voice to those that are often not heard enough; we will support a collaborative approach to resolving the crisis and its many effects through institutions such as the United Nations, the European Union, the G20 and others; we will maintain a focus on the wider Caucasus region but will also cover stories in nearby regions, especially Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia.

In these challenging times we recognise the need to step up and refocus. We believe humanity has the strength and the resilience to overcome the present crisis, and that a better world can emerge from it, and we will contribute as much as we can towards that.

Stay safe, be well, and help each other. This is the time for solidarity.

The editorial team of commonspace.eu

18 March 2020



Commonspace.eu was launched by LINKS (DAR) in 2011. Since then commonspace.eu has been providing daily news and analysis of events in the wider Caucasus region and beyond, in English and Russian.

We are pleased to announce that as from 1 May 2019 the ownership and management of commonspace.eu has been transferred to LINKS Europe Stichting, operating from The Hague, in the Netherlands. Over the course of the next months we will be unrolling a number of changes that we hope will make the commonspace.eu web portal even more interesting and informative. The editorial team and editorial policy remain unchanged.

For further information please contact:


LINKS Europe Stichting,

Fluwelen Burgwal 58, 2511 The Hague, Netherlands.



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